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  1. Visa-Exempt Entry and Landing Visas
  2. Visitor Visa for Attending Conference/Exhibition
  3. Visa for Mainland Chinese Participant (in Chinese)
  4. How to Get an Invitation Letter
  5. Contact Information


Visa-Exempt Entry

  1. Countries eligible for Visa-exempt entry:
  1. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, *Ireland, Italy, *Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands ,*New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, *U.K. , U.S.A. and Vatican City State.
  2. Passport holders of India, Thailand, Philippines, Viet Nam, Indonesia, who also possess a valid visa or permanent residence certificate issued by U.S.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand.
  1. Requirements for Visa-exempt entry:
  1. A passport with validity of at least six months upon entry.
  1. Visa-exempt entry only applicable to visitors holding formal passports, not including those holding emergency, temporary, other informal passports or travel documents.
  2. Japanese Citizen is entitled to validity of passport at least three months,under same other requirements) (unless otherwise stipulated by treaty or agreement)
  1. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  2. No criminal record or not listed by the local authorities.


Landing Visas

  1. Countries eligible for Landing Visas
  1. Holders of emergency or temporary passports with validity more than six months for nationals of those countries eligible for visa-exempt entry.
  2. Holders of USA passport with validity less than six months.
  1. Requirements for Landing Visas:
  1. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  2. Fill out an application form with one photo.
  3. Visa fee.
  4. No criminal record or not listed by the local authorities.


All above information is from the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan. For more information of the "Regulation of Visa-Exempt Entry and Landing Visas for Foreigners", please check the website in English or Chinese. 

Visitor Visa for Attending Conference/Exhibition

If you are not qualified to the requirements mentioned in Section A, you need to apply for a visitor visa.

  1. Required documents for visitor visa applications:

The following documents may be needed for visitor visa applications.





Completed and signed application form

Downloaded from BOCA website or provided at the counter.


Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months

Photo with a plain color (white color recommended) background


Passport (original and photocopy)

Valid for 6 months with blank pages


Evidence of documents

Invitation Letter or proof of exhibition and applicant's ID


Other additional documents may be required during processing

Ticket, electronic ticket or proof of a travel agency

  1. Procedures:
  1. Applicants can lodge their applications with the necessary documents and statutory fee at our overseas missions.
  2. Interview may be required when necessary.
  1. Others:
  1. For more information of the "Visitor Visa for Attending Conference/Exhibition”, please check the website in English or Chinese.
  2. For nationals from countries including

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, India (Identity Certificate), Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria,

please check the webpage in English or Chinese for more regulation “Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visas to the Republic of China (R.O.C.)”.


Visa for Mainland Chinese Participant (in Chinese)

  1. 在大陸地區者:由邀請單位代向入出國及移民署各縣市服務站申請。請依規定提供相關文件及費用:
  1. 入出境許可證申請書及相關証明文件。(申請書下載,可參考填寫範例
  1. 檢附之照片為,最近1年內2吋半身正面脫帽照片(直4.5公分,橫3.5公分,人像自頭頂至下顎之長度不得小於3.2公分或超過3.6公分,白色背景正面半身彩色照片),應與所持大陸地區居民身分證、大陸地區所發往來臺灣通行證或護照(以下簡稱居民身分證、通行證或護照)能辨識為同一人。


  1. 通行證、護照或居民身分證基本資料與照片同一頁者,影本貼於申請書正面。基本資料與照片不同頁者,有姓名之基本資料頁影本貼於申請書正面,照片頁影本貼於申請書背面。旅居香港或澳門尚未滿七年者,加貼港澳居民身分證影本於申請書背面。
  2. 中文姓名如係簡體字,由邀請單位,依據其通行證、護照或居民身分證影本上姓名,於中文姓名欄代填正體字。
  3. 申請人簽章欄,由申請來臺從事專業活動之大陸地區人民親自簽名或蓋章。
  4. 有關現(曾)任黨政軍之資料請據實填寫。
  1. 相關專業造詣或職務證明。
  2. 證照費用及代辦手續費共NT$2500。


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柯月卿小姐 收

  1. 旅居第三地區者(含港澳):以分開送件方式,由申請人檢附入出境許可證申請書、大陸地區居民身分證、其他證照或足資證明身分文件影本、來臺目的說明書及預定行程表,並備具相關文件之電子檔,向我駐外使領館、代表處、辦事處或其他經政府授權機構(以下簡稱駐外館處)申請;邀請單位另檢具應備申請文件一式三份,代向入出國及移民署各縣市務站申請。但該地區無駐外館處者,得由邀請單位代向主管機關申請。



How to Get an Invitation Letter

Participants requiring an invitation letter for visa or for other applications should write to the Conference Secretariat, specifying the following information:

  1. The e-mail subject should be "Request for Invitation Letter"
  2. Name, postal address, and a valid e-mail address.
  3. Name of session and paper number, if you are going to present a paper.

Please note that registration payment must be made before requesting an invitation letter. This letter is not an official invitation covering fees and other expenses and does not imply any financial support from the conference. 

Contact Information

Any concern about visa applications, please call Ms. Ko at +886-3-5731603 or sent email to