Session IDAuthor ListTitle
Note: For IWCG2010, TAEA2010 and TAAIDT papers, please click the tabs at the bottom of spreadsheet.
CG1(4 papers)Kuo-Yuan Kao
12Automatic Construction of High-Correctness Chinese Chess Endgame Knowledge BaseBo-Nian Chen, Pangfeng Liu, Shun-Chin Hsu, Tsan-sheng Hsu
10Searching for Stage Proof Number in Connect6Jung-Kuei Yang and Shi-Jim Yen
14Solving 9 Layer Triangular NimYi-Chang Shan, I-Chen Wu, Hung-Hsuan Lin, Kuo-Yuan Kao
15Chilled DomineeringKuo-Yuan Kao, I-Chen Wu, Hung-Hsuan Lin, Yi-Chang Shan
CG2(5 papers)Takeshi Ito
3Enhancing Transparent Fuzzy Controllers with Temporal Concepts: An Application to Computer GamesGiovanni Acampora, Vincenzo Loia and Autilia Vitiello
6A Trial AI system with its Suggestion of Kifuu (playing style) in ShogiSatoshi Namai, Takeshi Ito
9A Simple and Rapid Lights-up SolverShih-Yuan Chiu, Shi-Jim Yen, Cheng-Wei Chou and Tai-Ning Yang
11An Efficient Algorithm for Nonogram's SolverShi-Jim Yen, Tsan-Cheng Su, Shih-Yuan Chiu and Jr-Chang Chen
13Solving the Minimum Sudoku ProblemHung-Hsuan Lin, I-Chen Wu
CG3(4 papers)Yoshiyuki Kotani
1Time Management for Monte-Carlo Tree Search Applied to the Game of GoShih-Chieh Huang, R´emi Coulom, Shun-Shii Lin
4UCD : Upper Confidence Bound for Rooted Directed Acyclic GraphsAbdallah Saffidine, Tristan Cazenave and Jean Mehat
5Monte-Carlo Tree Search Using Expert Knowledge: An Application to omputer GoJacques Basaldúa, Tai-Ning Yang and J. Marcos Moreno Vega
16Modification of UCT Algorithm with Quiescent Search in Computer GOFeng Xiao, Zhiqing Liu
CG4(3 papers)Keh-Hsun Chen
2Ontology-based Intelligent Agent for Game of GoMei-Hui Wanga, Chang-Shing Leea, Li-Wen Wua, Ming-Chi Chengb, Olivier Teytaud
7Parallel Monte-Carlo Tree Search with Simulation ServersHideki Kato and Ikuo Takeuchi
8Dynamic Randomization of Parameters Enhances Monte-Carlo Tree Search in GoKeh-Hsun Chen