TAAI 2010 (International)

The 2010 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence TAAI 2010
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Paper IDPaper TitleAuthor Names with AffiliationsUploadedResgistrationPayment
TAAI-004Bankruptcy Prediction Incorporation Macroeconomic Variables Using Neural NetworkLigang Zhou*, City University of Hong Kong; Kin Keung Lai, City University of Hong Kong; Jerome Yen, Tung Wah College(NA)YY
TAAI-005Probability Collectives in Dynamic Environments: A Study of Controlling the Balance between Exploration and Exploitation of the SearchChien-Feng Huang*, National Univ. of Kaohsiung; Bao Rong Chang, National Univ. of KaohsiungYYY
TAAI-006Using Chunking to Optimise an Alpha-Beta SearchAndrew Cook*, University of Birmingham; William Edmondson, University of BirminghamYYY
TAAI-007StakeNet: Devise, Study and Utilize Social Networks using Stakeholder InformationTsung-Ting Kuo*, National Taiwan University; Jung-Jung Yeh ; Chia-Jen Lin ; Shou-De LinYYY
TAAI-011A Fusion Technique for Iris Localization and DetectionTong Yuen Chai*, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman; Mohammad Shazri Shahrir, Extol MSC Sdn Bhd; Saied Ali Hosseini Noudeh, Extol MSC Sdn BhdYYY
TAAI-012Convergence Analysis of Node Fault Injection During TrainingKevin Ho ; Chi-sing Leung ; John Sum*, National Chung Hsing Universit; Siu-chung LauYYY
TAAI-015An Efficient Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition System for Intelligent Vehicles with Smart PhonesChing-Hao Lai*, Institute for Information Indu; Chia-Chen YuYYY
TAAI-017Indexing Ontological Structure based on Neighbor TreeXiang Zhang*, Southeast University; Huaping Chen, Southeast UniversityYYY
TAAI-018Convergence Analysis of Multiplicative Weight Noise Injection During TrainingJohn Sum*, National Chung Hsing Universit; Kevin Ho ; Chi-sing Leung ; Siu-chung LauYYY
TAAI-026Unsupervised Feature Selection: Minimize Informatin Redundancy of FeaturesChun-Chao Yen ; Liang-Chieh Chen*, National Taiwan University; Shou-De LinYYY
TAAI-027A Novel System Model to Recognition of Merged-Characters under Linear, Nonlinear and OverlappedGuang Tian*, University; Yong Zhu, UniversityYYY
TAAI-028Developing Soft Sensors Based on Data-Driven ApproachJialin Liu*, Fortune Institute of TechnologYYY
TAAI-030Learning Evolutionary Strategy for a Mobile Manipulator in Imitation Learned TasksCésar Arismendi*, Carlos III University of Madri; Maria Muñoz, Polytechnic University of Madrid; Dolores Blanco, Carlos III University of Madrid; Luis Moreno, Carlos III University of MadridYYY
TAAI-031Periodic Topic Mining from Massive Amounts of DataKazunari Ishida*, Hiroshima Institute of TechnolYYY
TAAI-033Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine human body structure and function model based on multi-agentYi Faling*, UniversityYYY
TAAI-035An Intrinsic Graphical Signature Based on Alert Correlation Analysis for Intrusion DetectionChing-Hao Mao*, NTUST; Hsing-kuo Pao, NTUST; Christos Faloutsos, CMU; Hahn-Ming Lee, NTUSTYYY
TAAI-037Tree Decomposition for Large-Scale SVM ProblemsChang Fu ; Chien-Yang Guo ; Xiao-Rong Lin ; Chan-Cheng Liu*, Instit. of Information Science; Chi-Jen LuYYY
TAAI-040An Adaptive Multiple Feature Subset Method for Feature Ranking and SelectionChang Fu ; JenCheng Chen*, IIS, SinicaYYY
TAAI-041Application of Integrated Central and Distributed Decisions to Path Tracking Control of A Vision-based Intelligent VehicleWeihua Zhang ; Minglei Wang*, University of Toronto; Wuwei Chen ; Andrew Goldenberg, University of TorontoY(NA)(NA)
TAAI-045Pruning in UCT AlgorithmJING HUANG*, BUPT; zhiqing liu ; benjie lu ; feng xiaoYYY
TAAI-047Investment project valuation based on the fuzzy real options approachShu-Hsien Liao, Tamkang University; Shiu-Hwei Ho*, Tamkang UniversityY(NA)(NA)
TAAI-055A Bayesian Hybrid Approach to Unsupervised Time Series DiscretizationYoshitaka Kameya*, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Gabriel Synnaeve, Grenoble University; Andrei Doncescu, LAAS-CNRS; Katsumi Inoue, National Institute of Informatics; Taisuke Sato, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyYYY
TAAI-060Monte Carlo Go using Previous Simulation ResultsTakuma Toyoda*, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Yoshiyuki Kotani, Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyYYY *2
TAAI-062Extracting Topics Information from Conference Web Pages using Page Segmentation and SVMYaw-Heui Chen, Dept. of CSIE, NCYU; Sin-Sian Li, Dept. of CSIE, NCYU; Yu-Ta Chen*, Dept. of CSIE, NCYUYYY
TAAI-065Adaptive Knowledge Transfer Based on Locally Weighted LearningLei Han*; Jianying Wu; Ping Gu; Kunqing Xie;
Guojie Song; Shiwei Tang; Dongqing Yang; Bingli Jiao; Feng
Gao., Peking University, China
TAAI-068Operon Prediction using Particle Swarm Optimization and Reinforcement LearningCheng-Hong Yang*, KUAS; Jui-Hung Tsai, KUAS; Li-Yeh Chuang, I-Shou UniversityYYY
TAAI-070A Novel Chaotic Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization for PCR Primer DesignCheng-Hong Yang*, KUAS; Yu-Huei Cheng, KUAS; Li-Yeh Chuang, I-Shou UniversityYYY
TAAI-072Multi-Objective Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm for 
Discrete Multi-Objective Combinational Problem
Xin Wei*, Waseda university,JapanYYY
TAAI-073Using Differential Evolution for the Transportation Problem with Fuzzy CoefficientsFeng-Tse Lin*, Chinese Culture UniversityYYY
TAAI-074Smooth LASSO for ClassificationLi-Jen Chien*, CSIE,NTUST; Zhi-Peng Kao, CSIE, NTUST; Yuh-Jye Lee, CSIE, NTUSTYYY *2
TAAI-076An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Based Portfolio Selection ApproachJun Zhang*, SUN yat-sen UniversityYYY
TAAI-077MP-EDA: A Robust Estimation of Distribution Algorithm with Multiple Probabilistic ModelsJun Zhang*, SUN yat-sen University(NA)(NA)(NA)
TAAI-078Robust Algorithm for Computational Color ConstancyShuh-Jen Teng*, Kainan UniversityYYY
TAAI-080A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning algorithm for Disambiguation in a Spoken Dialogue SystemFangju Wang*, Univ. of Guelph, CanadaYYY
TAAI-082Adaptively Learning and Assessing SPSS Operating Skills Using Online SPSS SimulatorYian-Shu Chu, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung
Shian-Shyong Tseng*, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung
University, Department of Information Science and Applications, Asia
Jui-Feng Weng, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung
Huan-Yu Lin, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University
Nien-Chu Wang, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung
Anthony Y. H. Liao, Department of Information Science and Applications,
Asia University
Jun-Ming Su, Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University
TAAI-084Efficient Reconstruction of Dynamic Web Contents in Hierarchical EnvironmentLung-Pin Chen, Yu-Hsiang Huang, Ke-Chiang Chih; Tunghai UniversityYYY
TAAI-086"Solution Path": The Structure of the Solution Steps for Pencil PuzzleTakashi Korekawa*, TUATYYY
TAAI-087Coordination of a Society of Agents for Automatic Distribution System Restoration: Toward A Smart GridVon-Wun Soo, Dept. of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua Unviersity; Men-Shen Tsai, Graduate Institute of Automation Technology, NTUT; Wan-YU Yu*, Institute of Information Systems and Application, National Tsing Hua University; Yen-Bo Peng, Dept. of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua UnviersityYYY
TAAI-091Probabilistic neural network models for evaluating the impact of tobacco control policies on smokers of different age groupsXiaojiang Ding*, Monash University; Chung-Hsing Yeh, Monash University; Susan Bedingfield, Monash University(NA)(NA)(NA)
TAAI-093Adaptive Image Enhancement for Fluorescence MicroscopyJyh-Ying Peng*, Academia Sinica; Chung-Chih Lin ; Chun-Nan HsuYYY
TAAI-094Nested Monte-Carlo Search with AMAF HeuristicHaruhiko Akiyama*, TUAT; Kanako Komiya, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Yoshiyuki Kotani, Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyYYY
TAAI-097Mining Top-K Sequential Patterns in the Data Stream EnvironmentBi-Ru Dai*, NTUST; Hung-Lin Jiang ; Chih-Heng ChungYYY
TAAI-098A Hybrid Fast Fractal Image EncodingWen Ling Chen*, I-Shou university; Yih-Lon LinYYY
TAAI-100LAMP, a Lyrics and Audio MandoPop dataset for music mood estimation: Dataset compilation, system construction, and testingWei-Rong Chu, Trend Micro Inc.; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai*, Yuan Ze University; Ying-Sian Wu, IBM Taiwan; Hui-Hsin Wu, National Taiwan University; Hung-Yi Chen, Yuan-Ze University; Jane Yung-jen Hsu, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTUYYY
TAAI-101An Intellignet Recommendation Model with a Case Study on u-Tour Taiwan of Historical Momuments and Cultural HeritageWei-Ding Liao*, Feng Chia University; Don-Lin Yang, Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science Feng Chia University ; Ming-Chuan Hung, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management Feng Chia UniversityYYY
TAAI-102Enhancing Transparent Fuzzy Controllers with Temporal Concepts: An Application to Computer GamesGiovanni Acampora*, University of Salerno; Vincenzo Loia, University of Salerno; Autilia Vitiello, University of Salerno(NA)(NA)(NA)
TAAI-103Ant Population Meta-Heuristics for Binary Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsKazunori Mizuno*, Takushoku University; Yoshitaka Nagasawa, Takushoku University; Hitoshi Sasaki, Takushoku University; Seiichi Nishihara, University of TsukubaYYY
TAAI-104An Automatic Method for Selecting the Parameter of the Normalized Kernel Function to Support Vector MachinesCheng-Hsuan Li*, National Chiao Tung University; Chin-Teng Lin, National Chiao Tung University; Bor-Chen Kuo, National Taichung University; Hsin-Hua Ho, National Chung Hsing UniversityYYY
TAAI-105The Hybrid of Genetic Algorithms and K-Prototypes Clustering Approach for ClassificationChaochang Chiu*, Yuan Ze University; Huaichung Chi, Yuan Ze University; Rueijiau Sung, Yuan Ze University; Ju-Yun Yuang, Yuan Ze UniversityYYY
TAAI-106An extensional signed Lambda-fuzzy measure based on signed monotonicityHsiang-Chuan Liu*, Asia UniversityYYY
TAAI-108Projection-Based Utility Mining with an Efficient Indexing MechanismTzung-Pei Hong, National University of Kaohsiu; Guo-Cheng Lan*, National Cheng Kung University; Vincent S. Tseng, National Cheng Kung UniversityYYY
TAAI-110A Study on Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network for Implementing Mini-GamesShih Wei Fang*, CS, NCTU; Phasit Charoenkwan, CS,NCTU; Sai-Keung Wong, CS,NCTUYYY *2
TAAI-111Discovering and Exploiting Cumulative Cues for Informational Web SearchYue-Cen Liu ; Wei-Hsun Wen ; Wei-Guang Teng*, National Cheng Kung UniversityYYY
TAAI-114A Passive-Aggressive Algorithm for Semi-supervised LearningChien-Chung Chang*, CSIE at NTUST; Yuh-Jye Lee, CSIE, NTUST; Hsing-kuo Pao, NTUSTYYY
TAAI-115An Adaptive Rule Based on Unknown Pattern for Improving K-Nearest Neighbor ClassifierI-Ling Chen*, National Taichung University; Kai-Chih Pai, National Taichung University; Bor-Chen Kuo, National Taichung University;Cheng-Hsuan Li*, National Chiao Tung UniversityYYY
TAAI-117Classification-based Image Compression MethodMinrui Zhang*, Xi’an Univ. of Scie. and TechYYY
TAAI-118Using Wikipedia’s Content for Cross-Website Page Recommendations that Consider SerendipityPei-Chia Chang*, University of Hawaii at ManoaYYY
TAAI-121Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Mixed Mutation Mechanism for Optimal Display Panel Circuit DesignI-Hsiu Lo, National Chiao Tung University; Yimimg Li*, National Chiao Tung University; Kuo-Fu Lee, National Chiao Tung UniversityYYY
TAAI-122A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Emotion-based Automatic Playlist Generationchung-Yi Chi, National Taiwan University; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai*, Yuan Ze University; Jeng-You Lai, Yuan Ze University; Jane Yung-jen Hsu, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTUYYY
TAAI-123A Tabu Search Algorithm with a Probabilistic’s Criterion of Neighbors Selection’s for Capacitated Multicommodity Network Flow ProblemGuillermo Cabrera G.*, PUCV; Carlos Toledo, PUCVYYY
TAAI-130FSMLKNN: A Mixed Approach for Multi-Label Document ClassificationShian-Chi Tsai* ; Jung-Yi Jiang ; Shie-Jue Lee, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.YYY
TAAI-131An Exploration of Native Speakers' Eye Fixations in Reading Chinese TextChao-Lin Liu*, National Chengchi University; Juei-Yu Weng ; Yi-Hsuan Chuang ; Jie-Li TsaiYYY
TAAI-133A Fuzzy Group Decision Making Framework in QFDGulcin Buyukozkan*, Galatasaray University; Gizem Cifci(NA)(NA)(NA)
TAAI-134Virtual Doctor System (VDS): Framework on Reasoning issuesHamido FujitaJun Hakura; Masaki KurematsuYYY
Extra Attend2